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NeuroPhysics is winning the pain-game for ageing athletes

04 Nov 2014

Consistent with the drive and determination of the majority of participants at this year’s Pan Pacific Masters Games on the Gold Coast, is the cold, hard truth that many individuals continue to battle with a multitude of sporting and lifestyle injuries.

The balance between a desire to remain active later in life, while working through associated pain is not uncommon, but a Gold Coast training and rehabilitation program is unearthing some amazing results, which could prove a game-breaker. 

Most notably Ken Ware's unique NeuroPhysics training and rehabilitation program has been successfully treating sufferers of chronic pain and a multitude of chronic disorders through it’s scientific systems-based approach. Ken Ware is also regarded for his ground breaking neuroscience discovery that assisted famed paraplegic athlete John Maclean to walk again and complete an able bodied triathlon on the 26.10.14 after spending 25 years dependant on a wheelchair.

Leading Australian sports physiotherapist, Victor Popov was so excited by the phenomenal results being achieved by NeuroPhysics Training and Rehabilitation, that he committed to training as a NeuroPhysics therapist and is now an integral part of the team.

“NeuroPhysics founder Ken Ware has assisted tens of thousands of people recover from all forms of physical and emotional disease and disorder, achieving tremendous results in unprecedented timescales,” confirmed Popov.

“The ability of the NeuroPhysics program to recalibrate the central nervous system and in turn optimise the body’s performance capabilities is managed through a process of communication between the brain and the relative systems of the human body.  

“As a Sports Physiotherapist with 30 years experience in elite sport, I have modified my understanding of training and rehab to be more effective in both treating athletes, and advising them in how best to train for performance.”

Sporting advocates of the NeuroPhysics program include 2012 Hawaiian Ironman champion Pete Jacobs, elite cyclists Robbie McEwen and Sara Carrigan, Queensland Bulls cricketer Nick Buchanan and Olympic triathlete Maxine Seear.

So too are there numerous Gold Coast locals gaining substantial benefit from both the training and rehabilitation programs that are available, as an ongoing complement to living a pain-free, active lifestyle.

“Sporting and lifestyle injuries are painful ailments that are suffered by the bulk of the Australian population. We’ve been successfully treating numerous incidents from muscle tears and strains to more complex problems, plus assisting in the treatment of stress-related mental and emotional issues through the non-invasive NeuroPhysics treatment,” added Popov.

“There is a growing scientific curiosity as to how the NeuroPhysics program is assisting elite athletic performance, so this will be a further area of research analysis, as will the validity of altitude training, a method which is also being used to complement the program from our Gold Coast base.”

It has recently been been made public that the research Ken Ware's  is doing at The NeuroPhysics Training and Rehabilitation Institute at Robina is part of a collaborative research agreement with the highly regarded School of Advanced International Studies for Applied Theoretical and Non Linear Methodologies of Physics (STMP), at the University of Bari in Italy. The highly technical research is primarily focused on validating best practices for chronic pain and injury relaxation as well as finding new controls for chronic physical and emotional diseases and disorders.

The NeuroPhysics Training and Rehabilitation Institute is based at 2 Energy Circuit, Robina. On site is a state-of-the-art gymnasium equipped with all the latest Synergy strength training equipment, plus an altitude training facility. 

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The validity of NeuroPhysics Training and Rehabilitation is entrenched in peer reviewed, scientific research data across numerous renowned medical fields around the world. Ken Ware has delivered countless international presentations at world leading scientific conferences discussing the merits of NeuroPhysics Training and Rehabilitation.
Evidence of Ken's work that has been respected in world scientific journals and international science conferences includes:

1. US National Library of Medicine:
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2. Published is the Scientific Frontiers Journal:
3. F1000 Posters - 2 weeks in a row:
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4. Research Gate - Ken's 7 publications
MUST BE NOTED - these are presentations delivered at International Science Conferences:
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The story of NeuroPhysics Training and Rehabilitation began 30 years ago, with its origins evolved through self diagnosis by Ken Ware, guiding clients through unique parameters, using specific equipment, and under micro stimulation is able to detect and assess the client to correct imbalances which are a signature of how that person physically and emotionally interacts with their environment.

Put simply, NeuroPhysics Training and Rehabilitation is a scientific, systems based, exercise program that allows for the complete physical and emotional recalibration of the human nervous system. This unique process restores optimal health, system integrity and has the capacity to optimise the functional performance of any person who engages in the process.

Ken Ware has previously presented at 9 major International Science conferences and more recently in the Netherlands at the 6th International Nonlinear Science Conference - Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology & Life Sciences, where John Maclean's example was used as case study evidence for the merits of NeuroPhysics Training and Rehabilitation.

Unlike most other training and rehabilitation methods, NeuroPhysics Training and Rehabilitation targets the origins of pain and disorders rather than just the mechanics and symptoms. It’s a solution focused process rather than a problem focused one, assisting clients in the control and management of the following areas:

  • Chronic pain
  • •Complex Chronic Disorders
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • •Sports Performance
  • •Weight Management
  • Personal Health and Wellbeing

The International NeuroPhysics Functional Performance Institute is based at Robina on Australia’s Gold Coast.

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