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Gold Coast athletes win big with altitude facility

07 Jan 2015

An altitude training facility available to individuals and groups at Robina’s International NeuroPhysics Functional Performance Institute, marks a giant leap forward for athletes as the City counts down towards the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games.

While acknowledging the numerous benefits of potentially hosting pre-Games training camps within the altitude training space, the NeuroPhysics Institute is just as intent on servicing established and aspiring local athletes.

“Logistically such a comprehensive altitude training complex, contained within a state-of-the-art gymnasium environment is extremely hard to access,” acknowledged NeuroPhysics Institute Facility Manager, Nickie Ware.

“Altitude training is implemented as an adjunct to our advanced training and rehabilitation techniques and more and more Gold Coasters are appreciating the opportunity to improve and optimise their own athletic performance, or simply just to achieve the many known health benefits there are that are derived and published around Altitude training.

“There is significant scientific data to support the rejuvenating qualities of mind and body associated with altitude training, so that in itself provides motivation enough for locals to become involved and incorporate a few sessions per week as part of their regular exercise regime.”

Testament to the potential benefits gained by exercise performed at altitude are the activities of numerous AFL and NRL clubs. Training camps are continually being conducted for elite athletes within oxygen-sapped geographic locations throughout the world.

Through the physiological adaptations that occur in an individual’s body following periods of altitude training, athletes are able to deliver more oxygen to working muscles and remove waste products more effectively and efficiently, which ultimately results in improved performance.

Having such a facility readily available at the NeuroPhysics Institute on an ongoing basis and without the burdening travel costs is sure to be of benefit to Australian sport in general.

“The NeuroPhysics Institute is available to Gold Coast sports people from the grassroots up which will have long-term benefit for our local athletes and teams. And we are hopeful to see such derived successes achieved here at home during the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games by local talent!

“While some trainee may wish to ‘do their own thing’ within the altitude facility, we do offer all participants an assessment and individualised programs to implement to ensure that they optimise all of the benefits and minimise any potential ill-effects during exercise” added Ware.

Weekly membership of the NeuroPhysics Institute Altitude Training facility costs $50, with members provided 24 hour access throughout the entire week. Group bookings of the facility can also be made. Call 5593 0688 or email