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Straight from the horse’s mouth: Spirit’s Success .. it comes naturally!!

13 Dec 2015

As the season starts to wind down, I can finally take a deep breath... Gee those women can be demanding let me tell you.

Another good type - A Monte Hacho colt courtesy of your's truly!! 

All good though with the King of fertility getting the job done yet again (that’s me of course NOL). In total I’ll have serviced more than 130 lucky ladies on account of proven form by already throwing some excellent types plus my overall fertility rate. 

A dozen or so breeders have changed their initial plans, foregoing the attraction of more proven stallions down around the Hunter Valley region and sending their precious ladies out to Eureka on the Darling Downs. It's great that breeders have stuck solid to us Queenslanders, rather than seeing the grass as always greener by enlisting the services of the more established southern stallions. 

We have an incredible bunch of stallions standing in this state, though with the poor old owners again getting the raw deal with the new sustainability blueprint that might well change. What about you government folk start thinking outside the box and create more wealth for the industry, rather than thinking that cutting lucrative prize money is the answer! 

The racing game is a leading industry in Queensland that provides jobs, credibility and a vast array of opportunities, whilst we waste many millions more on projects that add nothing to the sunshine state. Even us equines realise that less prize money means job cuts, and less industry participation potentially meaning I miss out on my massage and having my hooves done😡

The money they save will only be swallowed up by another government department as a consequence of the cuts. Anyway, I won't be running for parliament in this lifetime but if I do come back reincarnated as a human who knows. 

That time of the year has come around again when the young ones start to venture through the sales rings, some as sales toppers, others as also rans. It’s interesting to note though that foals that go through the ring and fetch prices in the lower quartile, do you like that ... Been reading up on a bit of HR just to make sure I am being fairly treated out here at Eureka, have to keep the boss on his toes. Anyway back to my lower quartile and figures show they win over 50% of the black type races in this country. 

Another is the myth about late foals, again in my spare time I get onto the Australian Stud Book to see how the ladies are travelling. What a great tool that is, surely a must for all race enthusiasts. On research, a fair proportion of top class horses are October and beyond foals. While the early foals may look better at the sales and sell accordingly, don't write off the later foals. Full of tips and opinion today aren't I … NOL!! 

My final tip for the sales is for Smart Missile to be the leader in terms of ROI and for the foals of I Am Invincible to set multiple records for that stallion. 

Anyway good luck breeders, owners and of course my fellow 4 legged friends. 

Until next time,

The fertility King 

AKA Spirit of Boom