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Straight from the horse’s mouth - Life and loves

16 Apr 2015

It’s been a few weeks of leisure sprinkled with heartfelt emotion for me out here at Eureka.

Mum-in-waiting Miss Leibert looking extra special at Eureka

I made time to get around the property and catch up with a few of the ladies that have received a bit of loving from Your’s Truly. We had a real good neigh and the first madam I served Miss Leibert, or Libby as I affectionately call her, broke the news that she’s due 8th August. Who’d have thought some 7 and a half years ago when I came along, I myself would have some little Boom babies running around?


I hear having foals really makes you grow up and your perspective on life changes? Tell you something, that’s not going to happen to me! 


Though when I think about it, I better sort myself out because having 115-plus kids on the ground is definitely going to keep me well and truly on the go. Mind you I could definitely lose a few pounds! Some say I’ve become a real stallion, but I feel I’ve probably become more a, who-ate-all-the-pies type thoroughbred. But what the hell .. you can only eat so much hey and carrots! In all honesty life is great, there aren't many of you humans who, for 7 months of the year, go on a sabbatical and the other 5 months well, I’m a lady-pleasing love-machine.


Speaking of love, I hear my girl, Angelic Light has again been struck down by injury? I knew it, deadset knew something wasn't right after her last run, if she was at her best she’d have blown that field away. I must admit though, Lucky Hussler was definitely on his game so congratulations to him, gee that gaffer, Weir can improve a horse. 


Another gaffer who is definitely on the crest of a wave is my former boss, Tony Gollan. Snaring 4 winners on a Saturday metropolitan meet is no easy feat let me tell you. Actually, when I think about it, getting 1 is hard enough, or if you are a 2-year-old lately, even getting a start with the weather playing havoc. Tony’s definitely the trainer of the future and inevitably his long term future will be in one of the southern states. That’d be great for me because I’m sure he’ll take some of my progeny with him, after all I did put him on the map!! NOL


My old mate Temple is now, all being well, close to his return in the Victory Stakes on the Goldy. I hear the poor old bugger is struggling to shed the pounds and get fit. I tell you something he takes the colloquial "been in a good paddock" literally when he’s spelling. In fact he actually comes back in looking like the in-foal ladies I visited recently around the paddocks. Who can blame him? He more than deserves the opportunity for an all-you-can-eat buffet holiday. Temple has one final jump-out early next week which they think will tighten him right up in preparation for the first up assignment. After the back-end of his last preparation he has it all to do this carnival, but don't underestimate him given he has home advantage; a privilege neither of us have had in the past given most of the best races take place in the southern states. Until next time. I Wish all my ladies the best of health.