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Spirit of Boom

01 Jul 2016

As I venture into my 3rd breeding season I look back on my first 2 years at stud with great delight knowing I have served over 300 mares. Despite not doing that well at my initial sale with weanlings that for the most part would not have made it into my top 100 foals i am buoyed by the type I have thrown. Most of my foals have the bulk in the back end and are very correct. The other major plus is that a big number of my foals are being raised here at Eureka and as history shows they generally end up with longevity due to them being allowed to grow naturally in an environment where integration is encouraged. 

As the ladies start arriving and become primed to enter my domain I am again looking at serving over the 100 mark with around 130 being a figure the gang out here would be happy with. With a group of loyal shareholders on my side I hope we can reach that mark, believe me I am up to he task. This lounging around and getting waited on is great but damn you need some focus in your life. 

With new stallion arrivals in Qld I think it is fair to say that this years crop would match that of any year gone before us since the inception of breeding in this state. The decision not to interfere too much with QTIS  makes our state a very attractive one to race in and to buy from at our sales. 

The rains have finally hit out here after a barren spell which had the boss at a wits end but now with a good drop of rain it's starting to blossom which is good news. Whilst I am preparing for the upcoming season I am hoping I might get my former track work rider Kiaarn back up here to put a saddle on me. I tell you what it sure beats the bosses son Angus jumping on me for a snip, boy he is a long thing.😉

Anyway wish me all the best for what lies ahead and if you are still yet to confirm your stallion for this season keep me in mind. Believe you me my stock are built to run