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28 Sep 2015

I am well and truly now back on the job. Oh spare time what is that!!!!As I have neighed before I suppose there are plenty of worse things to be doing and I am sure I am the envy of some of you humans. As more of my babies are delivered the general consensus from those that matter the most the breeders are that I am throwing generally great types, but hey that's definitely no surprise to yours truly. Some of these breeders have been that impressed that they have showered me with carrots and some real good hay and sat around and had a quiet one whilst I nobbled away on  my carrot in celebration. You humans are a strange lot.

Onto this year and whilst it seems that I won't get the numbers of my first season I am hoping to achieve 120 plus and it just means I am going to have to be even more fertile than the season prior. I have started on fire with a 100% in foal thus far.

To give you a little insight into my routine the mares are booked in for a specific time over the day, I serve through the clock 4 times a day 6 hours a part. Most servings are on the weekend. The mares on farm will generally go under lights in order to have them as fertile as possible when they come to visit. If they are In fact fertile and ready to go then the pressure is then on me to deliver.

The amount of foals on farm I am told is unprecedented and boy they add a great dimension to the farm. Some are mummies boys, some are show ponies gee the other day one of them flat out just decided to have a kip in my parade area... That little fellow is a real character by Stryker out of an impeccably bred More than Ready mare who was bought in foal with the view of visiting the big boomster this breeding season. Can't wait to get near her😍😍.

Most of the foals on farm are by myself and they know who is boss. Whilst the quality of mares pales in significance to some of the big southern farms I am hoping that a combination of weather, my genes and with a bit of luck I can upgrade my foals.

I recently had a surprise visitor out here at Eureka. Big bro Temple of boom for those who have been living under a rock NOL came out to have a 2 week holiday before what could be his final campaign. We had a few neighs and he realises father time is definitely catching up on him. He was disappointed with his Melbourne run and doesn't want to finish on that note. His campaign will likely include the George Moore stakes on his way to magic millions day in what could be his final run. His soundness is unbelievable with the only time he has been injured was when the silly bugger tried to jump a puddle and a hamstring injury he had last year In Melbourne. To race as long as he has and be so sound is a credit to the gaffer but also to our mum god bless her Temple Spirit who bred us correct as you can get. I only wander what she could have become as a broodmare if she was still with us.

Anyway I am still taking more mares if you are undecided on where your mare will be heading. I would like to think that I am now a proven producing stallion with the boxes of fertility and type ticked. Inevitably my long term success will be judged on race track performance and I am more than confident with that as I know my progeny are going to end up in the hands of the best trainers in this state including the leading trainer, my old gaffer Tony Gollan. That has got to give you confidence!!!